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CommPre is HSI’s environmental prevention program. CommPre utilizes environmental prevention strategies that improve community health and safety by modifying the social norms and conditions in the environment, with the goal of reducing community risk factors of alcohol and other drugs (AOD). These factors include: the availability and access to substances; local and state laws and social norms that are favorable to high-risk use; neighborhood deterioration; and social disorganization.

CommPre has servedthe City of Hayward and the urban unincorporated Alameda County communities of Ashland, Cherryland, Castro Valley and San Lorenzo since 1989.

The mission of CommPre is, “to reduce and prevent problems occurring in environments where alcohol and other drugs are used, sold and/or advertised and promoted. CommPre’s ultimate goal is to lower public health and safety costs associated with alcohol and drug problems and increase health outcomes.

Organizational History

In 20 years of operation, CommPre has successfully organized community stakeholders to form coalitions to create healthy, substance-free environments, provided leadership development and technical assistance for underserved and underrepresented population groups to address AOD problems; and successfully promoted new alcohol/drug policies and local ordinances to control AOD.

CommPre has organized and provided services for the Afghan community, Eden area youth, Spanish-speaking community members, Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgendered people (GLBT), and older adults. These (underserved) population groups have historically been invisible or often neglected by governmental agencies and service providers. Often AOD problems affect them disproportionately. Through partnering with community-based organizations, residents and decision-makers we have been successful in fostering healthy environments for people to live, work and socialize in.

CommPre’s Accomplishments

Through partnerships with community shareholders, CommPree's accommplishments include: establishing the Lighthouse Community Center (LCC) in Hayward, a substance-free safe place for GLBT people and their friends to socialize and obtain services; establishing the Hayward Coalition for Healthy Youth (HCHY) to reduce health risk factors for youth; creating the first Cinco de Mayo in Ashland in 2002, now an annual event that provides a substance-free family environment. We partner with over 30 organizations each year to sponsor Cinco de Mayo.

CommPre began the Senior AOD Prevention Project in response to data that became available indicating senior AOD misuse as a serious substance abuse issue. Staff recruited and organized the Eden Senior AOD workgroup. We conducted activities to produce the Eden Senior AOD Prevention Plan, which was published in January 2009. The Plan will provide direction on prevention activities. It was presented at the statewide California Prevention Summit in March 2009, and distributed to over 50 persons.

Since 1994 CommPre has led the charge to adopt new ordinances and policies to foster public health and safety. Alameda County ordinances that CommPre has worked to adopt include City of Hayward and County of Alameda conditional use permits to restrict the number of alcohol outlets away from other outlets, schools, parks, churches, hospitals and drug rehabilitation facilities; the Social Host Accountability ordinance in Hayward and Alameda County, to reduce and prevent underage drinking parties; an ordinance prohibiting the sales of marijuana-flavored candies; the alcohol fee ordinance in Alameda County, which was the first ordinance in California to require mandatory responsible beverage service training for alcohol licensees and a fee on every alcohol outlet in the unincorporated area; and Hayward Unified School District’s first alcohol and drug policy.

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How to Get Involved

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