We want to welcome you to Horizon Services, Inc. (HSI) programs. Recovery is a personal journey that no one else can do for you. Others along the way will support you and provide guidance but every decision and every step you make nurtures a clean and sober healthy life.

How do I get started? A simple phone call is all it takes to get started. Our professionals are standing ready to support you from there. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us.

Can someone else call for me? Many times family members will call and ask about our programs. We are always happy to give them an overview. However, it is up to you to make the call to enter a program. No one can do it for you. It is up to you to take the steps necessary to participate in your future.

You can always feel safe knowing that we employ the latest types of treatment with the highest level of respect for individual needs. All participants in our programs are treated with dignity and understanding.

Which program is best for me? We offer many programs for different needs and preferences. When you take the first step and call us, our professional staff will be able to guide you through the process of entering the program you are interested in.

Call us to learn how to get started on the path to recovery.

Recovery Programs

If you need immediate assistance due to intoxication, please call one of the locations below.

For more information on individual programs, click on the links below.

These facilities provide a place for you to get sober and can refer you to continue services.

Cherry Hill

Detox and Sobering Station

Alameda County (866) 866-7496

This is a co-ed facility

Mission Street Sobering Center

MSSC is designed in partnership with Santa Clara Behavioral Health Services Department to assist those who are in need of immediate sobering services from alcohol or other illicit substances of abuse.

Santa Clara County (408) 648-4411

Cronin House

Residential Primary Care Program Recovery

from alcohol or other drug addiction

Alameda County (510) 784-5874

Mens only facility

Palm Avenue - Temporarily Closed

Detoxification Programs co-occurring

Substance use and mental health disorders

San Mateo County (650) 513-6500

This is a co-ed facility


Drug and Alcohol Prevention and

Recovery for women 18 and older

Alameda County (510) 450-1190

Women only facility

Project Eden

Youth and Family Services

Substance Use Prevention, LGBTQ+, and Outpatient Treatment Problems

(510) 247-8200


                    Project Eden

Adult Outpatient services, substance use and co-occurring services.


Call us to learn how to get started on the path to recovery, and let us put smiles back in your life