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License #010001AN, Expires 10/31/2025 | SUD Recovery Treatment Facilities


Chrysalis is a home-like living environment, clinically managed treatment program tailored to meet the needs of women ages 18+ living with mental health and substance use disorders who are residents of Alameda County. The typical length of stay is up to 90 days.

Chrysalis follows a philosophy that effective treatment for women with substance use and behavioral health disorders must involve a holistic approach. This approach includes attention to emotional growth, family relations, social supports, cultural diversity, along with physical and psychological healing. Chrysalis staff consists of credentialed addiction and mental health counselors who work with other professionals to provide a safe, balanced and flexible treatment environment.

Chrysalis is a therapeutic community that promotes personal change and positive growth, accomplished by creating a community of positive peers working together to help each other. Women learn to become members of the Chrysalis community, play a role in managing the community, and act as positive role models for others.

Chrysalis offers individualized behavioral therapy that teaches women the skills necessary to regulate emotions, avoid self-destructive behaviors, cope with difficult life situations, and improve interpersonal skills. Chrysalis offers skills training groups that teach women how to control their emotions and replace dysfunctional coping strategies with more effective behaviors that create a life worth living.

The Intake Counselor conducts a pre-admission when an individual expresses an interest in the Chrysalis program.

The Chrysalis program provides individualized rehabilitative treatment specifically designed to treat drug and alcohol and other mental health behavioral problems.

The therapeutic community is structure produces an immediately safe and functional environment, challenging and supportive of meaningful life changes, sustained sobriety, and “quality living.” The community structure generalizes to successful living in society.

The Chrysalis program emphasizes education and knowledge about substance use disorders and mental health diagnoses to educate women how to facilitate change in their lives. The highly qualified clinical staff is committed to promoting the women of Chrysalis’ successful program completion and reintegration into their community. As a team, staff members educate women through direct instruction, role modeling, group processing, individual therapy, and group activities that facilitate and provide real opportunities for women to practice and generalize pro-social skills.

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