San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous

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What Is Alcoholics Anonymous?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a self-help, peer-support organization for people who have an alcohol substance use disorder (SUD). It started in 1935 in Ohio, and now there are groups worldwide to help people on their journey with alcohol misuse. 

People in AA help each other and advise them on how to work through negative or difficult struggles while detoxing from alcohol. AA is based on the idea of mutual support and the sharing of experiences, strength, and hope. Attending a San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous meeting can make all the difference during your recovery.1

San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous

San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous

People in AA have regular meetings to talk about what they’re going through and help each other. A main tenet of AA is something called the 12-step program. The program helps them take responsibility for their actions and seek help from a higher power, which doesn’t have to refer to a religious higher power either.

AA is a non-profit organization that operates entirely on its members’ donations. There are no fees to join, and meetings are held in community spaces such as church halls or community centers.

How Does AA Help People to Maintain Sobriety?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is a group to help people become and stay sober by giving them a community of support and accountability. People can talk about their problems with alcohol in a safe and private place.

Additional Resources an AA Community Provides

Below are a few other ways that a San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous meeting can help people maintain sobriety:2

  • Supportive community: AA is a fellowship of individuals who share a common goal of achieving and maintaining sobriety. Members support each other through mutual understanding and encouragement.
  • 12-step program: The 12 steps provide a structured approach to recovery. It offers guidance and support for individuals as they work to overcome their addiction.
  • Encourages accountability: At AA meetings, members hold each other accountable. It offers support and encouragement as they work to maintain their sobriety.
  • A sense of purpose: By going to AA, people can feel good by helping others and giving back to their community.
  • Non-judgmental environment: AA is a group where people with trouble with alcohol can talk and feel safe. They can share their problems and get support from others who understand.

What Are AA’s Main Tenets?

AA is a group of people who want to help each other on their journey to maintain sobriety. AA is not a religious organization, but it has spiritual roots and is based on the idea of a higher power. It advocates for the idea of complete abstinence from alcohol as the only way to achieve and maintain sobriety.

A San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous meeting will also utilize the 12-step program to help people work through issues resulting from substance use disorders. The plan includes steps like admitting that a member can’t control their drinking, asking for help from a higher power, apologizing to people they hurt, and helping others who have trouble with alcohol.

Allocating a Safe Space for Sustainable Healing

AA meetings are a safe and helpful place where people can discuss their problems and encourage each other. AA teaches that people can get better from alcohol problems with the help of others and by righting past wrongs.3

Why Is It Important to Find a Local AA Support Group?

If someone has trouble with alcohol, finding a local AA group can be a big step toward getting better. If you are looking for an AA group near you, searching for a San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous meeting place can be a great first step.

You or a loved one can get help and support from others who understand what you are going through. Discovering a local support group can be beneficial for many other reasons as well, including:

Stay Motivated Through Meetings

Going to a local AA group, such as a San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, can help you feel like you belong to a community. You can meet others who have the same problems with alcohol. Going to AA meetings regularly helps people stay away from alcohol and stay motivated.

Overcome Challenges

Attending AA meetings in person is a safe and private place for people to talk about their problems with alcohol. Individuals can get support and encouragement from others who have the same problems. The relationships made at AA can help people stay away from alcohol and overcome any challenges they may face.

Resourceful Community

A local San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous group also gives people information and resources about getting better from alcohol addiction. These meetings can help people make healthy choices on their journey to stop drinking. The support, help, and sense of community from AA can help people stay away from alcohol for good.

Help Working Through Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

AA meetings may also be able to help people work through any Adverse Childhood Experiences that may have at least partially resulted in their alcohol addiction. 

These ACEs, which can span from neglect, abuse, or a parent in the home drinking or using substances, can follow people far into adulthood. AA meetings provide individuals the support and care they need from others to help work through these issues.

Steps to Find a San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

If you’re looking to find a local San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting that is best for you, here are some steps you can follow:4

Determine Your Needs

Consider why you want to attend AA meetings and what you hope to get out of them. For example, do you want a more intimate setting or a larger group? Questions like these can help narrow your search.

Search For Meetings In Your Area

You can use the AA website to find a local San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous meeting near you. You can also search by zip code, city, or state to find a list of nearby meetings.

Different Types of AA Meetings

AA offers different types of meetings, including open and closed meetings, speaker meetings, and step meetings. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the different types of meetings and what each offers so you can choose one that meets your needs.

Attend a Few Different Meetings

Try attending several different meetings to see which one feels right for you. Finding the right fit may take some time, but remember that finding the right meeting is an important step in your recovery journey.

Ask For Feedback

Talk to others at the meeting and ask for their feedback on the meeting and their experience with AA. It may help you determine whether the meeting fits you well.

Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, the decision of which AA meeting to attend is a personal one. Trust your instincts and choose the meeting that feels right for you.

Remember that AA is a supportive community, and the goal is to help individuals on their journey to recovery. Regardless of which local San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous group you choose, attending and staying committed to your recovery is important.

San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous

Horizon Treatment Services for Finding AA Groups and Maintaining Sobriety

At Horizon Treatment Services, we help people who have trouble with drugs or alcohol. Here at our facility, we ensure that our clients receive all of the necessary support they require. We also offer them access to self-help groups during their stay with us.

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients have a successful journey toward recovery. We have an effective Palm Avenue program to help people by offering counseling, support, and guidance.

Support and Guidance During Recovery

Our clients can talk to others who have gone through similar things and give each other support through AA meetings and other types of support groups. We want our clients to control their recovery and be healthy for a long time. 

That is why we focus on education, care, and support in all of our programs. We are here to give you guidance you need to work through ACEs, alcohol addiction, or any mental health disorder you may be experiencing.

Contact us for more information on how we can help you find the right San Mateo Alcoholics Anonymous group or how we can create a personalized treatment plan for you to help you achieve and maintain sobriety.