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Detox License #010001DN, Expires 1/31/2026 | SUD Recovery Treatment Facilities

Cherry Hill

The Cherry Hill Detoxification Services Program consists of two complementary components that are located on the Fairmont Hospital grounds.

The Sobering Unit is a 50-bed, co-ed facility—staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our sobering unit was specifically designed to assist those needing immediate sobering services for a briefer visit of 23 hours or less. At our sobering unit, we have a central telephone screening process for both detox and sobering services. The central telephone screening process is designed to allow trained staff to assess appropriate placement of individuals to sobering or detox services.

The Detox Unit is a clinically managed 32-bed residential program serving men and women who are withdrawing from the effects of alcohol or drug use. Clients are continuously monitored by trained staff and are referred for medical or psychiatric services as needed. About 50% of Cherry Hill’s clients have co-occurring mental illness. In addition to ensuring the client’s safe withdrawal, our staff will work with each client to assess the client’s needs and goals. The client is then referred to the appropriate level of treatment and supportive services, which may include housing, medical or psychiatric services, and job training. The average stay is from four to six days.

The Cherry Hill Detoxification Services Program is specifically designed to meet the needs of Alameda County communities, including law enforcement, hospital emergency departments, alcohol and drug treatment programs, medical/psychiatric clinics, community CBOs and individual community members.