Cronin House


2595 Depot Road
Hayward, CA 94545
510) 784-5874

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Cronin House is a 34 bed, 60-90 day, residential primary care program for adult men affected by alcohol, drug abuse, mental health issues and co-occurring disorders. The facility provides a serene, homelike atmosphere in the suburban section of Hayward.

Cronin House is staffed by caring, dedicated professionals, many of whom are recovering from alcohol or drug related problems.

What To Expect:Participants explore new lifestyle choices conducive to sobriety by participating in an intensive program of group, individual, educational, and health oriented activities as well as Alcoholic Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings.
Cronin House provides participants a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment in which they may explore new lifestyle choices.

Program components consist of:

• Assessment and treatment planning
• Stabilization
• Education and information
• Individual and group counseling
• Recreational and athletic activities
• Discharge/ Exit planning and referral
• Family group for family members of residents


How To Get Started:


Contact Cronin House by calling 510-784-5874.
Cronin House is fully licensed and certified by the State of California Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs to provide non-medical alcohol and drug residential services.

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