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Project Eden Adult Outpatient

Adult Outpatient: 1020 Serpentine Lane, Suite 100 Pleasanton, CA 94566

The Project Eden Adult Outpatient Services Program strives to provide adults with strengths-based support to aid in their road to recovery. The program offers:


Call our office to schedule an intake appointment. A counselor will meet with you to complete an intake packet, which includes providing required personal information.


At the time of intake, an initial assessment will be performed in order to evaluate your individual needs and medical necessity for the program. Based on the results of the assessment, those who meet our standard criteria for treatment are recommended admission to the program. Those who do not meet criteria can be provided with other referrals.

Group Counseling:

Using a strengths-based approach, counselors help clients develop individualized treatment plans, which will guide you toward reaching your goals for the program. This is a safe place for like-minded individuals to meet and discuss the struggles and solutions they have found, while dealing with sobriety and what it takes to accomplish it. Clients are provided with educational materials that include topics such as relapse prevention, effects of drugs and alcohol on the mind and body, and tools for recovery. Clients are given tools that can help support you along your path.

Individual Counseling:

Individual counseling can provide a safe place for the client to talk about issues that are not appropriate for groups, help identify and achieve goals and develop skills that will help you to improve your personal relationships.

Random Urine Analysis Testing:

Helps to provide a space that supports in keeping you as a client accountable for your own abstinence, and helps to support you with remaining sober. The results can also support clients who are court-ordered to perform random drug testing.

Court-Ordered Clients:

Clients who are required to attend and complete an out-patient treatment program for drug court or CPS are welcome. This program provides the psycho-educational component to the topic discussions in a way that assists you in becoming aware of how drug and alcohol abuse can negatively impact your life. Counselors will also provide monthly progress notes and court letters as needed.


At Project Eden-East County, we accept Alameda County Medi-Cal, which will cover all services. For those clients without Medi-Cal, a $15 weekly drug testing fee will be charged for each test throughout the length of the program.